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Is Fawkes right for my child?

  •  I am looking for a program that offers my family support for my child's education and skills and views my child as an individual. 

  • I want the support of a certified teacher, a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, and behaviour interventionists who receive training and supervision during my child's program.  

  • I want a program that undertakes assessment and measurement of skills, develops interventions and measures progress.

  • I want my child to try hands-on activities for learning about math, science, reading, writing, people and places, nature and the environment, and many other integrated subjects. 

  • I want to be active in supporting my child's school program by attending meetings with staff and implementing recommendations at home. 

  • I am willing to provide opportunities for my child to be involved in physical activity at home or in the community for 30 minutes a day. 

  • If I choose a home based program, I am willing to participate in the recording of my child's daily learning activities at home, answer questions about his/her learning, provide work samples, and converse with the teacher regularly.

  • I understand that Fawkes Academy is a school and that my child can only be enrolled in one school at any given time 

Activities for physical development and music will be encouraged through community resources and parents may request a behaviour interventionist to support the student in these activities. 

The academic program is suitable for individuals who require an adapted curriculum, direct instruction and extra support with specific subjects/skill areas. Emphasis is placed on developing the skills of "learning how to learn" as well as achieving the highest academic skills possible within their potential. 

The life skills program continues to work on language and communication, skills for independence, interacting socially, following group instruction, and acquiring functional literacy and numeracy skills 

Depending on the unique skills of the learner, some students continue to develop readiness skills as in the kindergarten program. Students who are ready will participate in typical academic learning for reading, mathematics, social studies, science, and fine arts through one-to-one instruction and group activities that are fun and promote social interactions. 

Fawkes programs are designed to meet the unique needs of each student enrolled. Depending on the enrollment and unique needs of the students in a given centre, the assessment of a new student will determine the most appropriate location for attendance. 

The academic program is suitable for individuals who intend to graduate secondary with a dogwood certificate, who require extra support with specific subjects/skill areas and require adapted curriculum. They may require more than five years to complete their secondary education requirements which Fawkes can provide. 

The life skills program continues to work on language and communication, skills for independence, interacting socially, following group instruction and acquiring functional literacy and numeracy skills, as well as on developing skills for functioning in the community. 

The children enrolled prepare for, or learn the same learning goals of a typical kindergarten but in a more structured environment and with some one-to-one instruction daily. The program focuses on important school reading and learning including: 

  • referencing and joint attention 
  • communication and language
  • skills for independence 
  • ​interacting socially 
  • following group instructions 
  • ​readiness for academic learning 

As an alternative to attending a centre-based program, parents have the option of a daily tutor providing direct instruction of curriculum in their home three hours a day, five days a week. 

A certified teacher will supervise the program by updating the student's progress towards goals, adjusting and modifying curriculum, providing materials, and suggesting teaching strategies as required. 

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