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 Fawkes Academy

Parents are equal partners in the education of their child/youth. A child is most likely to progress when parents engage in supportive strategies outside of the classroom sessions.

Parents are also responsible to bring questions, concerns and suggestions to the meetings or to the attention of the Program Manager, Program Coordinator, or Classroom Teacher. 

At Fawkes, parents are encouraged to review and to implement learning objectives and strategies before and after-school hours, as well as provide opportunities to engage their child in physical activities, music, artistic experiences, and to encourage improved self-help and independence skills at home and in the community.

Parents will be provided with an outside of school physical activity calendar by the Program Coordinator working with their child. 

Parents as Partners 

 Our philosophy is that every child is unique, every child is valued, and every child can learn. 

We believe that effective and efficient teaching and behaviour management, provided by skilled individuals, will enable each student to achieve to the fullest extent of his or her abilities.   

Operating under the authority of GABA Children's Society, Fawkes Academy uses the most effective, scientifically validated instruction to maximize the development of each student's: 

  • Communication and language 
  • Social skills 
  • Academic skills 
  • Life/independence skills

The goal for all students is to communicate effectively with adults and peers, to acquire skills to increase their independence, to interact appropriately with others at school, at home, and in their community, and to enjoy their learning experiences. ​​​ 

GABA® Children’s Society is a non-profit registered charity committed to supporting the provision of intensive applied behaviour analysis (ABA) to educate children and youth with autism spectrum disorders or other complex developmental disabilities. 

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​Parent Testimonials 

Where every child is unique, every child is valued, and every child can learn.

At Fawkes, a skilled Behaviour Analyst works in collaboration with the teacher and staff to ensure quality instruction using the principles of applied behaviour analysis, functional assessment, and positive behaviour support. 

  • self-regulation & self-management
  • ​communication 
  • managing anxiety 
  • sleep hygiene 
  • skills for independence
  • interacting socially
  • ​attending 

Behaviour Analyst's Role

The only empirically proven approaches to teaching individual's with autism spectrum and complex developmental disabilities are based on the science of applied behaviour analysis. The behaviour analysts are trained in functional assessment and can assist with a wide range of behaviours including:

"...this is the only program of its kind in BC. The programs and protocols used by the staff have both measurable and effective outcomes. 

The staff however, are the real reason I continue to enroll my child. Their absolute commitment to the children at the school and their resolve to improve the lives of those on the spectrum has made all the difference in the quality of my daughter's life." 

"Our family feels very lucky and grateful that there is a school such as Fawkes Academy for our son. As he did not thrive in our community elementary school due to attention and behaviour issues, he found his second home in Fawkes where he feels welcomed, accepted and learns to his fullest potential. Our son has been a student at Fawkes Academy ever since it opened. He started out as a boy who spoke very little but gradually learned how to verbalize his thoughts, feelings and interests under this school program. 

The exceptional expertise and genuine concern and advocacy of the school's professionals...and awesome teachers have all contributed to our son growing into a happy, inquisitive, confident and independent teenager. They know just the right approach to encourage his strengths and work on his weaknesses.

We just can't imagine him studying in any other school!"